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Our goal is to strengthen your finances with every loan.

Great rates




about us.

We are a family owned business and were founded in 2004.  We love to help people find the BEST possible loans to fit their needs.  Our mission is to consistently provide the best loan products and service levels by exceeding the highest expectations of my clients. 

Will your current lender tell you not to refinance at a lower rate?  Not likely.  But we will, if staying with your current loan will save you more money.  Contact us today!  We are here to help.

Licensed by the California Department of Real Estate #1426472 NMLS # 255250 


Our focus.

Our Focus is your satisfaction with the lending process.

Details are important to the process. A strong application makes the process much faster.


Questions are answered, supporting documents and appraisal process is completed.


Closing documents are generated and signed, funds are wired, deed recorded.


Exceeded!!! Happy clients for life! Friends and family now have a mortgage broker they trust.

Explore, Dream and Act


Loan Process in detail

We understand the requirements and guide you through the process.

online Application

Paperless, online, convenient and fast.  Takes about 10 minutes.  Once we receive it, we will contact you with any questions.  Turbo charge the process:  HERE.


Loan Status Tracking

Imagine being able to track your loan through the process in real time, anytime, and of course we are here if you have questions.  Available on both purchases and refinances.


Closing your loan

When your loan is fully approved, your employment has been verified, and  you are ready to close on your home, we will schedule a convenient time to sign the final documentation.



You can rest easy knowing you now have a great loan strengthening your financial future.  You tell all your friends and family about your recommended mortgage broker!!  Thank you!!


Why Select Us?

We understand your wants and needs and work towards that goal.

Nobody has a crystal ball, but we watch the rates like a hawk working towards attaining the lowest rate at the lowest price!


We run the numbers on every loan that we do.  Our loans will always be a benefit to your finances.  If we can’t save you money. we will tell you!

Thinking outside
the box.

Every situation is unique and special.  We look at each individual’s need as if they were our own family and guide.  The ultimate decision is always yours.

Using technology
to work smarter.

We leverage technology to improve the lending process.  This improves the speed, convenience and reduces the hassles of the past while also helping to save the environment.

Turn times

Did I mention speed?  We’re fast!  We’ve had loans cleared to close in as little as 4 days!


We want your reviews!!  We want to make sure that you received exceptional service and that you tell everyone about your experience!! We appreciate your referrals!

Start your journey with us now



Thank you for your feedback and your referrals.

I highly recommend Scott Vickers at The Mortgage Resource!  When we asked him to refinance our home loan he secured for us a great interest rate by monitoring rates to get the best possible.  Scott is professional, knowledgeable, efficient at what he does and gave us exceptional service!

- Sandy M

We’ve used Scott to refinance several times, and he is excellent. Very diligent about monitoring rates to get the best possible, and works hard to get the process completed quickly. Highly recommend!

- Anna G

“Scott is the best, professional and knowledgeable in his industry. Was able to guide me along through a refinance loan without to much pain (would rather go to the dentist daily, then get a loan). The escrow company told me that I have the nicest loan officer in the business, I can certainly agree with them.”

- Brianna B

Our Blog

The latest news and changes to the market can be found here.

News, Market Changes and Tips

The mortgage industry has changed a lot in the last decade and it pays to keep informed about the direction of thought from those who impact this investment environment.

We will do our best to keeps things short, informative and hopefully entertaining as well. Enjoy!

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